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Zombie Tenants

Date of Dream: Feb/7/12

I was in this ruined apartment building, looked like it was abandoned. Thankfully the water and electricity still runs. People were going extinct from a plague. Me and a small group of people were the only survivors, that we know anyway. Inside a suite, I rummaged through what looked like a kid's bedroom to find a backpack. I told the others to get a bag, purse, backpack, whatever they can find that may hold a lot of items. I told the majority to stay in the room while I had three come with me to find food. We went down a long hallway and found another suite, we entered in. We found some useful items: scissors, knives, pens, markers, candies, radio. One person dropped an item and made a huge noise.

I turned around and said "SHHH!! They'll hear us!!!"

The guy said, "So? This building is empty. There's no one here but us! They're probably outside of this building anyways"

I said in a deep angry voice "You don't know that! Don't risk the lives of others. If you want to die, go out there yourself but don't bring the attention to us!"

The guy said, "Whatever man. You're not in charge"

I replied, "No, but I kept you safe!"

There were some sounds of shuffling feet just outside our suite. I hushed them, "Shhh.. I heard something"

The guy said, "It's probably noth-" his sentence was interrupted by a loud shriek.

A lady screamed, "They made it to our floor! They're here! They're here!"

I yelled out to all three "QUICK! WE HAVE TO GET BACK!"

They followed me as I swung my knive around as the zombies tried to get close. We made it to our suite and I opened the door, I looked behind me. Two ran inside as the third one was just down the hall on his way back (the loud-mouth guy). The zombies were too close to our door, I had no choice but to close it. The zombies slammed against our door opening it a crack.


The group came to my aid using all their weight and power to close the door shut. I quickly locked it.

I looked through the peephole. The guy was already turned. I thought, "His own fault. He should have kept quiet, then none of this would have happened"

A teenaged girl wanted to see, she took a look through the peep hole then started to tear down the wrapping paper that we taped up against the glass window of the door.

I raised my voice, "What the fck are you doing? They'll see us!!!"

Just as predicted, the zombies turned their heads and saw us all in the suite from that small gap she opened from the wrapping paper. The zombies tried to force open the door by slamming their bodies against it. I directed everyone to get plywood and nails, we nailed shut the glass window of the door, covering their view. The slamming stopped. We were safe.

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