pinkyssj4 (pinkyssj4) wrote in awokendreamzzz,

Lady in the Nightgown

Date of Dream:  Jul/17/11
I was sleeping on my bed, I was very sleepy and exhausted. I could only muster enough strength to open my eyes just a crack. I saw this lady with short hair sitting at the edge of my bed combing her hair. She was in a light pink night gown, silky and long (possibly to her ankles). I got scared and closed my eyes. I felt my bed move as she got up. I opened my eyes a crack again (that's as much as I can muster, I wanted to open them fully to see who exactly this lady was but I had no energy). She was no longer at the edge of the bed, she was standing above my head. I can see her hands reach for my face. I closed my eyes. Her hands glided across my forehead to my head. She gathered a small handful of hair and tugged at it. I tried to scream but my mouth felt like it was permanently shut. I tried to move but my body felt numb. All I could do was groan in pain and discomfort. I was finally able to move one arm with struggle and grabbed my own hair back. I was able to crank my neck upwards and opened my eyes yet another small crack. She wasn't there. I tried to open them fully. It was so hard. Why was I so exhausted? I moved my hips so that my legs would flop to the floor when it reached the edge of the bed. With my free arm, I raised myself off the bed and stood up. With limited visual I walked around my apartment wanting to get out. I have to get out! There's a lady in my apartment and I don't know how she got in! I reached the door knob and opened it. She was standing right there! How'd she get from in my room to the outside? I slammed my door and locked it.

Tags: lady in the nightgown
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