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Busy Flight, Colourful Kittens

Date of Dream: Jul/15/11
I was on a plane. The passenger across from me was playing cards with her friends. A lady from behind the passenger asked the flight attendant about an odd luggage. The flight attendant replied that it was from the man on the previous flight. This lady pushed the luggage down somekind of funnel that connected the plane to the airport. She began to push all the luggages, including the passenger's luggage.
<change scene>
I got off my plane into a busy airport, I was looking around to see where I was headed, searching for a familiar face. A man walked up to me and called my name, instructing me to follow him. Lost, I followed him. He indicated he wanted to use the washroom (and so did I) and headed in that direction. When I came out, I couldn't find him. I turned the corner and bumped into him, he told me to take a rest as we missed our flight and needed to wait for the next one. There was a group of beds in the airort, I layed down on one of them and began to drift off.
<change scene>
I was in the kitchen, a cat was giving birth to kittens. I took one by one carefully and layed it on the floor. Adoring the kittens and kissing them, I began to stack them up to make an M+M logo. I reached for my markers and was about to colour them.

Tags: busy flight, colourful kittens
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