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Frightening Flight

Date of Dream: Jul/10/11
There was this big giant with a special glove. This glove enhances one's powers, and he used it to destroy my High School building. Realizing on the spot, that I was dreaming I ran towards this giant. I looked up at him and smiled, I shook my right hand a couple times and a blade appeared in my hands. I sliced the giant's left arm. I caught his severed arm and pulled the glove off and quickly wore it. The giant was in pain and also furious. I wondered, what powers within me will it enhance? I raised the glove above my head. My body lifted effortlessly. No need to gather 'energy' to fly. So, that was my special power? Interesting! I shot up into the ceiling above onto a new floor. The giant jumped, held onto the hole that he created in the ceiling and climbed onto the next level that I was on. He tried to grab me but I was flying too fast for him. For some reason the glove was losing it's touch and my body startedd to lower to the ground. In panic I used my other power that I learned through experimenting. I went through walls. One wall to the next, one classroom to the next. The giant punched a hole into the wall as he tried to follow me until I hit my head on a brown/red painted door. I looked up and rubbed my sore head, "why can't I go through this door?". I looked at it closely. The door looked just like the back door of my parents house. I turned around and noticed I was not in school anymore, I'm in my parents house. That's odd. I opened the door and ran out. I raised the glove, my body lifted and I flew off. The giant was too slow to catch up and lost me.
Several blocks down I noticed my brother being bullied and I swooped down and grabbed him by the collar and lifted him up into the air. Once in the air I held his hand, my powers travelling into his body. But because my powers couldn't carry two bodies we weren't flying very high off the ground. That bully (a grown man in a black suit) ran after us. He got a hold of my ankle with one hand, I tried to kick him off. That hand pulled my body towards his, his other hand wrapped around my back and neck. I screamed.

Tags: frightening flight
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