pinkyssj4 (pinkyssj4) wrote in awokendreamzzz,

Hungry, Hungry Hippo

Date of Dream: Jun/21/11
My brother had a small creature resembling a hippo that could fit in my cupped hands. He was feeding the hippo the trunk of another small creature resembling an elephant. The elephant was still alive! The hippo soon ate the majority of the trunk in which the elephant started to groan in pain. I couldn't bear hearing its cries any longer and told my brother he had to take the elephant out of its misery. My brother refused. I told him to pass me a butcher knife and with much difficulty I struck the blade heavily across the neck. The elephant's head was chopped off from its shoulders but still cried in pain, his little body convulsing. Me, trembling and crying struck the blade in the middle of his body, once, twice. He was finally silenced. I cried heavily trying to tell myself the elephant is now in peace. <change of scene> I placed the elephant's body parts in a zip lock bag for later when the hippo gets hungry. <change of scene> I opened the zip lock bag to find the hippo inside. Why was the hippo in here? And it's air-tight! The bag opened and the hippo's body went limp. I hollered for my brother and announced its death.

Tags: hungry, hungry hippo
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