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Wake Up Sleepy One

Date of Dream:  Apr/25/11
I opened my eyes in the middle of the night and stared at the ceiling. The ceiling looks impossibly familiar. Why am I at my old bedroom at my parents' place? I don't remember going there for a sleepover. I instantly realized I was dreaming. With a huge smile I got of the bed slowly in fear that I may rock my physical body from too much movement. I tested my dream by running towards my brother's room, confident that I won't wake myself up any time soon I watched my brother sleep peacefully.
I lightly shook his shoulder, "Get up! Get up!! C'mon!"
Sleepily my brother opened his eyes, "What? What's going on?"
I replied, "This isn't real, I'm dreaming. You're in my dream! Let's go!"
He sat up slowly, rubbing his eyes "How do you know it's a dream?"
I pointed towards his digital clock, "Look at the time. Turn away and look again. The time changes! It's a dream!"
He looks, "Okay okay."
Standing up and a bit more awake he says, "So what should we do?"
Excited I replied, "Let's wake sis up!"
We tip toed towards our parents' bedroom. Our sis was curled up in her blanket. I reached under the blanket and grabbed her leg and whispered, "Hey! Wakey wakey!"
Startled she jolted, recognition stopped her from screaming, "What are you doing here? It's so late!"
I urged her, "Get out of bed. We're leaving!"
My bro added, "We're dreaming!"
Sis smiled, "Again? It's been a while! Where are we going tonight??"
I said, "I know!" I motioned for her to get out of the room before our parents wake up. Heading downstairs and outside I continued, "I can't seem to remember my dreams as often as before. That's why I can't see you guys. Wanna head over to the mall? We can fly there again. You two still remember how from the last time I taught you, right? You don't need a refresher course?"
They both nodded and rolled their eyes. We headed out the door and into the night. With one sibling on each side of me, we held hands and took flight. The cool breeze combing through my hair, the fresh crisp scent... how I miss this.
Once landed we headed straight in front of the mall doors. I willed my dream to fast forward. It was now mid afternoon, the mall open and quite busy. Shopping time!
<next scene>
I opened my eyes, I was in my old bedroom once more. I walked towards my brother's room and woke him up, "Wake up sweety"
He opened his eyes, "Again??!! Where'd you go?"
I said, "Yeah. Two times in a row. Ain't that weird? I had to leave you in the mall because my physical body turned and woke me up. Where should we go this time? Oh wait..."
Doubting myself, I looked at his digital clock. Turned away and looked again. The time didn't change. WTF? I'm sure I'm dreaming. I rubbed my eyes, and did it once more. The time changed slightly. I tried it the second time to confirm and there was a dramatic difference... good, it's a dream.
My bro said, "Can we go for a walk? I miss the walks."
I replied with a huge smile, "Anything you want. Let's wake up the other sleepy head"
Me and my two siblings went for a nice walk in the middle of the night in our parents' neighbourhood. No destination, just wandering around. We had lengthy conversations.
My bro voiced that I don't visit them often and that they're sad and feel left out. I told them of my regrets for not visiting and will put in more effort, that I love them.
I was about to tell them more about how I feel, but the edges of my dream was starting to fade. One of the signs that I'm beginning to wake up. Quickly I yelled, "Remember...I always love you! I gotta go!!! See you soon!"

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