pinkyssj4 (pinkyssj4) wrote in awokendreamzzz,

Cursed Casino

Date of Dream:  Apr/18/11

My two good friends and I were in Vegas for our birthday. It was our last day so we headed to the casino. I wasn't much of a gambler so I stood close by watching them play the slot machines. One of them told me to just try once, so I did and pulled the lever. I instantly won $50,000! Jackpot! I was so excited. One of the casino managers came up to me and gave me a cheque. I told my friends we should head back to the hotel, I don't want to stay anymore. We packed our suit cases in preparation for our flight back home. At the airport my two friends were denied on the plane as they forgotten their passports at the hotel. I was a bit upset by their carelessness as I've reminded them several times before. We headed outside back towards the hotel. They were both walking a bit too fast for my pace. I started to run. I called out their names, telling them to slow down, to wait for me. It started to rain heavily as they continued on. I ran as hard as I can but couldn't catch up. Then all of a sudden their body deflated and turned into a paper-cut figure, landing delicately onto the pavement. I went on both knees to pick them up and started to sob, "It's not worth it. All this money!" I reached into my pocket and took out the cheque, the print was smudged from the rain. I continued to sob, "I want my friends back. Turn them back! I don't want the money! I don't want any of it!" I ripped the cheque in pieces and tossed it. I clutched onto the paper figures, tears streaming down my cheeks as I pleaded, "Please turn them back. I'll give anything. Anything!"

Tags: cursed casino
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