pinkyssj4 (pinkyssj4) wrote in awokendreamzzz,

Slicing Through Wind

Date of Dream: Apr/05/11

I was speaking to my family (mom, bro and sis) in a playground when my mom voiced that she was getting cold. I felt the strong wind and looked up towards the sky. I saw a dark funnel moving towards us and disappeared. I instantly thought of tornadoes. Further down I saw a formation, this twisted cloud turned into a tornado and was heading straight for us. I told my bro and sis to run to the nearest building (a church) while I grabbed my mom's arm and started to run. We got inside the church and I screamed, "Head down to the basement, that's the safest place. Quick!"
We ran down three flights of stairs and finally reached the basement where the priest was in the middle of making his speech to his followers. We sat down on one of the benches waiting for the tornado to pass.
What happened next surprised me. My bro was asked to stand before him and a man in a black/white hooded gown poured blood on his shirt. My brother collapsed on his knees and puked. Feuled by fear for my brother I got up and ran towards him. I grabbed the sword that was used for display and sliced the hooded man's chest. I grabbed my brother, "Let's get out of here. This isn't a normal church."
I sliced my way through the crowd towards my mom and sis while holding onto my bro's hand. I must protect my family. No one will hurt them. No one.

Tags: slicing through the wind
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