February 27th, 2013


Godly Disturbance

Dream Date: Feb/27/13
I was hanging out with my friends, it was very sunny and beautiful outside. Suddenly I felt a bit faint, I heard one of my friends asking if I was alright. I opened my eyes to find myself in a different surrounding. My friends were gone. I was underground, the place was very dark. I think it was a cave of some kind.

I wasn't myself anymore. I was in a male body, my skin light purple slowly turned gray, I was wearing some type of white robe or garment around my waist. A white fabric laid across my chest was embroided with gems. I also had a thick gold plated necklace that went between my chest.
I was standing on top of a very old (looks hand carved) table with African statues at each corner. Around the table I stood were people on their knees, head on the ground with their faces in their palms. Some were sitting with eyes shut in front of a fire. They were all chanting something in a very old dialict that upset me greatly (in real life I have no idea what they were saying, it was jibberish). As I rushed to the edge of the table, a person who was chanting came to me but before he welcomed me I grabed his neck, rose him off his feet and said, "It has been five million years since my last awakening. What is the meaning of this?!!"
He struggled to breathe, as I tightened my grip. He gasped, "Do not be uspet Krishna, forgive us all but we need your help against Japan!"
I used my powers to see beyond this cave and saw planes flying overhead, bombs came down. There were many soldiers on land fighting against each other. So much chaos, so much blood.
With the man's neck still in my grasp I brought him closer to my face and whispered deeply, "This is man's problem. Not mine to solve" (man as in the human race).
A woman grabbed my arm and pleaded, "Please, you must do something! They're all dying! We can't keep up! They're killing us!"
I let go of the man and he fell on his butt, then scurried away with his head bowed down.
I repeated, "Not mine to solve. You've done this to yourself."

As I stood there, figuring out how to get out of this body I heard cries, shouting and planes passing above my head. Humans are destroying themselves. Too much chaos. I must get out. Everyone is looking at me. Stop looking at me, I cannot interfere!