Godly Disturbance

Dream Date: Feb/27/13
I was hanging out with my friends, it was very sunny and beautiful outside. Suddenly I felt a bit faint, I heard one of my friends asking if I was alright. I opened my eyes to find myself in a different surrounding. My friends were gone. I was underground, the place was very dark. I think it was a cave of some kind.

I wasn't myself anymore. I was in a male body, my skin light purple slowly turned gray, I was wearing some type of white robe or garment around my waist. A white fabric laid across my chest was embroided with gems. I also had a thick gold plated necklace that went between my chest.
I was standing on top of a very old (looks hand carved) table with African statues at each corner. Around the table I stood were people on their knees, head on the ground with their faces in their palms. Some were sitting with eyes shut in front of a fire. They were all chanting something in a very old dialict that upset me greatly (in real life I have no idea what they were saying, it was jibberish). As I rushed to the edge of the table, a person who was chanting came to me but before he welcomed me I grabed his neck, rose him off his feet and said, "It has been five million years since my last awakening. What is the meaning of this?!!"
He struggled to breathe, as I tightened my grip. He gasped, "Do not be uspet Krishna, forgive us all but we need your help against Japan!"
I used my powers to see beyond this cave and saw planes flying overhead, bombs came down. There were many soldiers on land fighting against each other. So much chaos, so much blood.
With the man's neck still in my grasp I brought him closer to my face and whispered deeply, "This is man's problem. Not mine to solve" (man as in the human race).
A woman grabbed my arm and pleaded, "Please, you must do something! They're all dying! We can't keep up! They're killing us!"
I let go of the man and he fell on his butt, then scurried away with his head bowed down.
I repeated, "Not mine to solve. You've done this to yourself."

As I stood there, figuring out how to get out of this body I heard cries, shouting and planes passing above my head. Humans are destroying themselves. Too much chaos. I must get out. Everyone is looking at me. Stop looking at me, I cannot interfere!

Recognized Stranger

Dream Date: Dec/2/12
As I walked down the hallway, I just couldn't shake the feeling that I was being watched.
Once I turned the corner I took a quick peak behind me, a man in a wheelchair had his creepy gaze on me.
I thought, "WTF?! Who the hell is that guy? So creepy!" I sped up my pace as I was trying to find an exit out of this building. Turning from one hallway to another, the man kept on following me. I hid behind a bookshelf, across from me was a stairway leading down to the main floor. I have to get to that stairway!
This playful child runs towards me causing an attraction as he giggles and hops around. I tried to shoo him away but he wouldn't leave. The man crept closer and closer in his wheelchair towards us. The closer he got to the bookshelf, I walked to the edge of the shelf as to keep myself blocked form his view. Once the opportunity rose, (I was closer to the stairwell) I bolted!! I ran down the stairs as fast as I could, skipping some steps as I ran down.

I finally made it to the main floor! I opened the door and exited the building. Once outside I was greeted by the bright light of the sun. I shielded my eyes as I squinted ahead of me. There was a dock. I was surrounded by water, but a few feet from me was the sidewalk towards my parents' house. I don't know how I got here. The watery landscape in front of me was so unfamiliar. I was confused as to how this "mini lake" got here, as I never remembered this in my old neighbourhood. I couldn't tell reality from my dream state. Nothing made sense. I was so confused and afraid.
I heard the door swing open from behind me. I turned around to find the man in the wheelchair!!!
With one hand stretched out he as he came closer he said, "Wait, don't leave. I have something to tell you"
Me, "I don't think so. There's no way I'm gonna let you touch me!!! Don't come any closer! Go away!"
I ran as he chased me down the dock, I jumped into the water and swam towards the sidewalk.
Finally away from the man I felt a sense of relief, as I got up to brush myself off a car drove by. I looked in, in the driver seat was the same man! How'd he get into the car that fast?! I was just utterly confused!
As he drove by, I felt something hit my forehead. Something red blurs my vision. OMG, I've been shot!!!! I've been effin shot! I collapsed to my knees, my hands cupped my face.
I fell forward. Dying.
All I thought was "rewind, go back in time, I must change this, I can't die like this"
I left my body. I was dead.
Now as a third-person viewer, I see the entire incident rewind like a cassette tape.
My body rising from the ground to my knees, then standing on my feet, my hands no longer cupping my face.
My blood seeps back into my wound, the bullet leaves my forehead and back into the man's gun, the man's car in reverse back towards the building.
I was running backwards towards the lake, climbing backwards back into the water, swimming backwards towards the building and finally my body standing in front of the man in the wheelchair with his arm stretched out.
The man said, "Wait, don't leave. I have something to tell you"
Me, "I'm so sorry, please don't hurt me. What do you want?!!!"
The man replied, "Be careful"
Me, "What?!!! But I thought...."
The man interrupted me, "Looks can be very deceiving"
I was slammed back into my body and I started to float off the ground (no longer third-viewer), the whole scenery (including the building, the docks, the mini lake, the sidewalk, my parents' house) got smaller and smaller until everything turned into a dot. Then even the dot disappeared and I was then surrounded by nothingness. Everything was white.

I then woke up.

Zombie Tenants

Date of Dream: Feb/7/12

I was in this ruined apartment building, looked like it was abandoned. Thankfully the water and electricity still runs. People were going extinct from a plague. Me and a small group of people were the only survivors, that we know anyway. Inside a suite, I rummaged through what looked like a kid's bedroom to find a backpack. I told the others to get a bag, purse, backpack, whatever they can find that may hold a lot of items. I told the majority to stay in the room while I had three come with me to find food. We went down a long hallway and found another suite, we entered in. We found some useful items: scissors, knives, pens, markers, candies, radio. One person dropped an item and made a huge noise.

I turned around and said "SHHH!! They'll hear us!!!"

The guy said, "So? This building is empty. There's no one here but us! They're probably outside of this building anyways"

I said in a deep angry voice "You don't know that! Don't risk the lives of others. If you want to die, go out there yourself but don't bring the attention to us!"

The guy said, "Whatever man. You're not in charge"

I replied, "No, but I kept you safe!"

There were some sounds of shuffling feet just outside our suite. I hushed them, "Shhh.. I heard something"

The guy said, "It's probably noth-" his sentence was interrupted by a loud shriek.

A lady screamed, "They made it to our floor! They're here! They're here!"

I yelled out to all three "QUICK! WE HAVE TO GET BACK!"

They followed me as I swung my knive around as the zombies tried to get close. We made it to our suite and I opened the door, I looked behind me. Two ran inside as the third one was just down the hall on his way back (the loud-mouth guy). The zombies were too close to our door, I had no choice but to close it. The zombies slammed against our door opening it a crack.


The group came to my aid using all their weight and power to close the door shut. I quickly locked it.

I looked through the peephole. The guy was already turned. I thought, "His own fault. He should have kept quiet, then none of this would have happened"

A teenaged girl wanted to see, she took a look through the peep hole then started to tear down the wrapping paper that we taped up against the glass window of the door.

I raised my voice, "What the fck are you doing? They'll see us!!!"

Just as predicted, the zombies turned their heads and saw us all in the suite from that small gap she opened from the wrapping paper. The zombies tried to force open the door by slamming their bodies against it. I directed everyone to get plywood and nails, we nailed shut the glass window of the door, covering their view. The slamming stopped. We were safe.


Lady in the Nightgown

Date of Dream:  Jul/17/11
I was sleeping on my bed, I was very sleepy and exhausted. I could only muster enough strength to open my eyes just a crack. I saw this lady with short hair sitting at the edge of my bed combing her hair. She was in a light pink night gown, silky and long (possibly to her ankles). I got scared and closed my eyes. I felt my bed move as she got up. I opened my eyes a crack again (that's as much as I can muster, I wanted to open them fully to see who exactly this lady was but I had no energy). She was no longer at the edge of the bed, she was standing above my head. I can see her hands reach for my face. I closed my eyes. Her hands glided across my forehead to my head. She gathered a small handful of hair and tugged at it. I tried to scream but my mouth felt like it was permanently shut. I tried to move but my body felt numb. All I could do was groan in pain and discomfort. I was finally able to move one arm with struggle and grabbed my own hair back. I was able to crank my neck upwards and opened my eyes yet another small crack. She wasn't there. I tried to open them fully. It was so hard. Why was I so exhausted? I moved my hips so that my legs would flop to the floor when it reached the edge of the bed. With my free arm, I raised myself off the bed and stood up. With limited visual I walked around my apartment wanting to get out. I have to get out! There's a lady in my apartment and I don't know how she got in! I reached the door knob and opened it. She was standing right there! How'd she get from in my room to the outside? I slammed my door and locked it.


Busy Flight, Colourful Kittens

Date of Dream: Jul/15/11
I was on a plane. The passenger across from me was playing cards with her friends. A lady from behind the passenger asked the flight attendant about an odd luggage. The flight attendant replied that it was from the man on the previous flight. This lady pushed the luggage down somekind of funnel that connected the plane to the airport. She began to push all the luggages, including the passenger's luggage.
<change scene>
I got off my plane into a busy airport, I was looking around to see where I was headed, searching for a familiar face. A man walked up to me and called my name, instructing me to follow him. Lost, I followed him. He indicated he wanted to use the washroom (and so did I) and headed in that direction. When I came out, I couldn't find him. I turned the corner and bumped into him, he told me to take a rest as we missed our flight and needed to wait for the next one. There was a group of beds in the airort, I layed down on one of them and began to drift off.
<change scene>
I was in the kitchen, a cat was giving birth to kittens. I took one by one carefully and layed it on the floor. Adoring the kittens and kissing them, I began to stack them up to make an M+M logo. I reached for my markers and was about to colour them.


Frightening Flight

Date of Dream: Jul/10/11
There was this big giant with a special glove. This glove enhances one's powers, and he used it to destroy my High School building. Realizing on the spot, that I was dreaming I ran towards this giant. I looked up at him and smiled, I shook my right hand a couple times and a blade appeared in my hands. I sliced the giant's left arm. I caught his severed arm and pulled the glove off and quickly wore it. The giant was in pain and also furious. I wondered, what powers within me will it enhance? I raised the glove above my head. My body lifted effortlessly. No need to gather 'energy' to fly. So, that was my special power? Interesting! I shot up into the ceiling above onto a new floor. The giant jumped, held onto the hole that he created in the ceiling and climbed onto the next level that I was on. He tried to grab me but I was flying too fast for him. For some reason the glove was losing it's touch and my body startedd to lower to the ground. In panic I used my other power that I learned through experimenting. I went through walls. One wall to the next, one classroom to the next. The giant punched a hole into the wall as he tried to follow me until I hit my head on a brown/red painted door. I looked up and rubbed my sore head, "why can't I go through this door?". I looked at it closely. The door looked just like the back door of my parents house. I turned around and noticed I was not in school anymore, I'm in my parents house. That's odd. I opened the door and ran out. I raised the glove, my body lifted and I flew off. The giant was too slow to catch up and lost me.
Several blocks down I noticed my brother being bullied and I swooped down and grabbed him by the collar and lifted him up into the air. Once in the air I held his hand, my powers travelling into his body. But because my powers couldn't carry two bodies we weren't flying very high off the ground. That bully (a grown man in a black suit) ran after us. He got a hold of my ankle with one hand, I tried to kick him off. That hand pulled my body towards his, his other hand wrapped around my back and neck. I screamed.


Hungry, Hungry Hippo

Date of Dream: Jun/21/11
My brother had a small creature resembling a hippo that could fit in my cupped hands. He was feeding the hippo the trunk of another small creature resembling an elephant. The elephant was still alive! The hippo soon ate the majority of the trunk in which the elephant started to groan in pain. I couldn't bear hearing its cries any longer and told my brother he had to take the elephant out of its misery. My brother refused. I told him to pass me a butcher knife and with much difficulty I struck the blade heavily across the neck. The elephant's head was chopped off from its shoulders but still cried in pain, his little body convulsing. Me, trembling and crying struck the blade in the middle of his body, once, twice. He was finally silenced. I cried heavily trying to tell myself the elephant is now in peace. <change of scene> I placed the elephant's body parts in a zip lock bag for later when the hippo gets hungry. <change of scene> I opened the zip lock bag to find the hippo inside. Why was the hippo in here? And it's air-tight! The bag opened and the hippo's body went limp. I hollered for my brother and announced its death.


Wake Up Sleepy One

Date of Dream:  Apr/25/11
I opened my eyes in the middle of the night and stared at the ceiling. The ceiling looks impossibly familiar. Why am I at my old bedroom at my parents' place? I don't remember going there for a sleepover. I instantly realized I was dreaming. With a huge smile I got of the bed slowly in fear that I may rock my physical body from too much movement. I tested my dream by running towards my brother's room, confident that I won't wake myself up any time soon I watched my brother sleep peacefully.
I lightly shook his shoulder, "Get up! Get up!! C'mon!"
Sleepily my brother opened his eyes, "What? What's going on?"
I replied, "This isn't real, I'm dreaming. You're in my dream! Let's go!"
He sat up slowly, rubbing his eyes "How do you know it's a dream?"
I pointed towards his digital clock, "Look at the time. Turn away and look again. The time changes! It's a dream!"
He looks, "Okay okay."
Standing up and a bit more awake he says, "So what should we do?"
Excited I replied, "Let's wake sis up!"
We tip toed towards our parents' bedroom. Our sis was curled up in her blanket. I reached under the blanket and grabbed her leg and whispered, "Hey! Wakey wakey!"
Startled she jolted, recognition stopped her from screaming, "What are you doing here? It's so late!"
I urged her, "Get out of bed. We're leaving!"
My bro added, "We're dreaming!"
Sis smiled, "Again? It's been a while! Where are we going tonight??"
I said, "I know!" I motioned for her to get out of the room before our parents wake up. Heading downstairs and outside I continued, "I can't seem to remember my dreams as often as before. That's why I can't see you guys. Wanna head over to the mall? We can fly there again. You two still remember how from the last time I taught you, right? You don't need a refresher course?"
They both nodded and rolled their eyes. We headed out the door and into the night. With one sibling on each side of me, we held hands and took flight. The cool breeze combing through my hair, the fresh crisp scent... how I miss this.
Once landed we headed straight in front of the mall doors. I willed my dream to fast forward. It was now mid afternoon, the mall open and quite busy. Shopping time!
<next scene>
I opened my eyes, I was in my old bedroom once more. I walked towards my brother's room and woke him up, "Wake up sweety"
He opened his eyes, "Again??!! Where'd you go?"
I said, "Yeah. Two times in a row. Ain't that weird? I had to leave you in the mall because my physical body turned and woke me up. Where should we go this time? Oh wait..."
Doubting myself, I looked at his digital clock. Turned away and looked again. The time didn't change. WTF? I'm sure I'm dreaming. I rubbed my eyes, and did it once more. The time changed slightly. I tried it the second time to confirm and there was a dramatic difference... good, it's a dream.
My bro said, "Can we go for a walk? I miss the walks."
I replied with a huge smile, "Anything you want. Let's wake up the other sleepy head"
Me and my two siblings went for a nice walk in the middle of the night in our parents' neighbourhood. No destination, just wandering around. We had lengthy conversations.
My bro voiced that I don't visit them often and that they're sad and feel left out. I told them of my regrets for not visiting and will put in more effort, that I love them.
I was about to tell them more about how I feel, but the edges of my dream was starting to fade. One of the signs that I'm beginning to wake up. Quickly I yelled, "Remember...I always love you! I gotta go!!! See you soon!"


Cursed Casino

Date of Dream:  Apr/18/11

My two good friends and I were in Vegas for our birthday. It was our last day so we headed to the casino. I wasn't much of a gambler so I stood close by watching them play the slot machines. One of them told me to just try once, so I did and pulled the lever. I instantly won $50,000! Jackpot! I was so excited. One of the casino managers came up to me and gave me a cheque. I told my friends we should head back to the hotel, I don't want to stay anymore. We packed our suit cases in preparation for our flight back home. At the airport my two friends were denied on the plane as they forgotten their passports at the hotel. I was a bit upset by their carelessness as I've reminded them several times before. We headed outside back towards the hotel. They were both walking a bit too fast for my pace. I started to run. I called out their names, telling them to slow down, to wait for me. It started to rain heavily as they continued on. I ran as hard as I can but couldn't catch up. Then all of a sudden their body deflated and turned into a paper-cut figure, landing delicately onto the pavement. I went on both knees to pick them up and started to sob, "It's not worth it. All this money!" I reached into my pocket and took out the cheque, the print was smudged from the rain. I continued to sob, "I want my friends back. Turn them back! I don't want the money! I don't want any of it!" I ripped the cheque in pieces and tossed it. I clutched onto the paper figures, tears streaming down my cheeks as I pleaded, "Please turn them back. I'll give anything. Anything!"


Slicing Through Wind

Date of Dream: Apr/05/11

I was speaking to my family (mom, bro and sis) in a playground when my mom voiced that she was getting cold. I felt the strong wind and looked up towards the sky. I saw a dark funnel moving towards us and disappeared. I instantly thought of tornadoes. Further down I saw a formation, this twisted cloud turned into a tornado and was heading straight for us. I told my bro and sis to run to the nearest building (a church) while I grabbed my mom's arm and started to run. We got inside the church and I screamed, "Head down to the basement, that's the safest place. Quick!"
We ran down three flights of stairs and finally reached the basement where the priest was in the middle of making his speech to his followers. We sat down on one of the benches waiting for the tornado to pass.
What happened next surprised me. My bro was asked to stand before him and a man in a black/white hooded gown poured blood on his shirt. My brother collapsed on his knees and puked. Feuled by fear for my brother I got up and ran towards him. I grabbed the sword that was used for display and sliced the hooded man's chest. I grabbed my brother, "Let's get out of here. This isn't a normal church."
I sliced my way through the crowd towards my mom and sis while holding onto my bro's hand. I must protect my family. No one will hurt them. No one.